Name : MagicSoft Recorder
Brand : Magicsoft
Type : Software
Detail : MagicSoft Recorder is an ingest application designed for the broadcast and post production markets.It works under Windows 7 SP1 64 bit and Windows 8.1 SP1 64 bit. It is particularly useful for multicam ingest and conformance recording because it supports up to 4 different video inputs and each input supports 2 simultaneous recordings. MagicSoft Recorder has several features that adds value to the software : - integrated scheduler - support for managing BlackMagic Design Videohub switcher over network. - storage management for each assigned folder for recording MagicSoft Recorder has modules for : - "TimeCode and NLE support" that adds support for timecode, inserting marks and saving projects for Final Cut Pro/Edius/Premiere/Vegas - "Web Browser Remote" that adds support for monitoring and managing the channels by using a web browser from Windows/MacOSX/iOS/Android
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