Element Kb Panel


  • Ultra-slim all metal construction
  • Every programmable control is labelled on a high contrast, high resolution, OLED display
  • The display also provides value / feedback where appropriate
  • A set containing one of each panel model has an overall footprint of 11cm x 20cm  (4.3” x 7.9”).
Modular design
  • Choose whichever panels you want to start with and expand the set as required
  • The layout is configurable to suit handedness, desk space and to place around other equipment
  • Multiple panels of each model may be added to your layout; especially useful for some applications
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Controls 12 knobs
2 buttons to program Shift and ALT and similar functions into
Display White OLED soft-label display
Power Connects to a computer by a single USB cable. No additional power is required.
Dimensions 4.3 x 7.9″ (11 x 20 cm)
Front height: .6″ (1.5 cm)
Rear height: 1.8″ (4.5 cm)
Rear height with display: 3.1″ (8 cm)
Ball diameter: 1.8″ (4.6 cm)


Boxed: 1.91 lbs (.87 kg)




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